Monday, March 28, 2011

How to be More Confident?

(slide 1) Hi everyone. A very good afternoon to Miss Chittra and my fellow friends. I am Amalina and I am going to talk about 'How to be More Confident'.

(slide 2) First of all, let watch a video retrieved from a social network, which is Youtube.

Okay class. Do you feel motivated after watching the video? The video showed a man with no legs. It should be impossible for him to get up back. But its not. He tried again, again, again, and again. What I am trying to say is from the first day we are here, we were not confident people. We were not born to be confident. It can be learnt and practiced. So, don't be afraid to be wrong and fail.

(slide 3) And this is a graph of result BEL492 from the last semester. As you can see, 2 students got A+, 3 students got A-, and the rest got lower grades. What are differences of A students from the others? Yes, its about being good in language, having great illustration, a lot of demonstration, use of verbal and non-verbal communication and being fluent. But, do you noticed about the confidence level of A students? They are so confident, I can say.

(slide 4) Therefore, there are some points on having confidence. How to be more confident? They are our mind is powerful, look in the mirror, speak louder, give comments to yourself, be volunteer, be noticed. and remember that most people do not care. But today, I am going to focus on our mind is powerful. Our mind is powerful. I really mean this and believe in the power of our mind. By removing the negative energy from ourselves, we are reversing to positive energy. For example, if you look for good in people, the good will soon show in yourself. This way instead of insulting others, we are building positive energy for both people. That is.

(slide 5) And here, they are confident people. Who is this? This? And this?

(slide 6) Ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion is confidence comes not from always being right but not fearing to be wrong. That's all. Thank you.

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