Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I remember an ex-bf who when I asked him how is it really the "missing someone" feels like according to him. He described as a sweet pain that throbs the heart and eats the heart from the inside and makes the stomach flips and twisted into a knot. It makes him feel good but also anxious. It lets him have a certain strong urge to see that person again or at least to hear the voice. But the more he keeps it inside of him, the pain increases. He starts to yearn n pine and wonders alone. At times he would imagine her next to him. And the urge to make a certain countdown to days n hours n minutes and seconds begins when the moments come to meet each other again.

I guess it would be the same for mothers who misses their children too.

Reminded me of the posts made by my friend whenever she misses her hubby when he is outstation. She even posted as saying she felt like crying because she missed him so bad.

I tried to remember what all those feelings feel like again. I haven't missed anyone that much for a looonggg time. Then it started to knock inside of me.

Am I really missing someone now?  Perhaps I am. But it felt strange. Actually it felt good but I am worried that maybe I am just toying with the idea of missing.

It is just that why I feel like it started to hurt inside slowly...